Art at Rolvenden

At Rolvenden, we want our children to be passionate about Art and use it as a means to express themselves. We want them to understand that Art is subjective and that their work should not be compared to others, but looked at as a means to understand the thoughts and emotions of the creator.


Subject on a Page

Click the button below to see our ‘Subject on a Page’ document for Art at Rolvenden.

This explains our curriculum intent (what we intend to deliver), the implementation (how we intend to deliver it) and the impact (what difference we expect to make).

If you have any questions, please contact our Art subject leader, Miss Diamond.

Knowledge Organisers

Our Knowledge Organisers for Art are divided into the six different domains of art – Colour, Drawing, Form, Pattern, Printing and Texture. There is also a separate one for EYFS which shows how we enable the children to transition easily between Hazel and Oak Classes.

Disciplinary Knowledge Progression

Disciplinary knowledge focuses on the understanding required in order to develop the ability ‘to think like an artist’. At Rolvenden, we have two key documents which outline this knowledge – they both contain the same information but one is organised by year group, whilst the other is organised by disciplinary thread.