Design and Technology at Rolvenden

At Rolvenden, we want our children to develop their practical skills in DT and become confident and proficient with using different tools. We understand that the ability to plan, create and evaluate their work is something they will use in many aspects of their lives, and aim to give them the chance to explore this.

Subject on a Page

Click the button below to see our ‘Subject on a Page’ document for Design and Technology at Rolvenden.

This explains our curriculum intent (what we intend to deliver), the implementation (how we intend to deliver it) and the impact (what difference we expect to make).

If you have any questions, please contact our Design and Technology subject leader, Miss Diamond.

Knowledge Organisers

Our Knowledge Organiser for D&T is a single, detailed document which explains the vocabulary the children will encounter along with examples of best practice.

Skills Progression

Click the button below to view our progression of skills for Design and Technology.