English at Rolvenden

At Rolvenden, children are taught to become fluent readers through development of both language comprehension and word recognition skills. Children develop a love of reading through regular opportunities to explore and engage with a range of different texts and genres.

Children are taught to become confident writers through the creation of toolkits which are based on high-quality model texts. Children learn to make informed decisions when selecting features which will appeal to readers and are able to identify improvements in both their own the work of others.

Subject on a Page

Click the button below to see our ‘Subject on a Page’ document for English at Rolvenden. As English is a subject with many sub-domains, we have produced one for each area to ensure that full coverage of the curriculum is achieved.

This explains our curriculum intent (what we intend to deliver), the implementation (how we intend to deliver it) and the impact (what difference we expect to make).

If you have any questions, please contact our English subject leader, Miss Whitlock.

Disciplinary Knowledge Progression

Disciplinary knowledge focuses on the understanding required in order to develop the ability to read and write. At Rolvenden, we have two key documents which outline this knowledge – they both contain the same information but one is organised by year group, whilst the other is organised by disciplinary thread.

CREATE QuickBytes

Introducing CREATE QuickBytes! Welcome to this new series of videos from the staff at Rolvenden Primary School. These short videos are designed to help you support your children with their learning without taking up lots of your time.