Languages at Rolvenden

At Rolvenden, all of our pupils are given the opportunities, through Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), to develop an awareness and understanding of the world beyond their local environment, of which they may otherwise have limited experience. MFL provides an opening to the many different cultures and the diversity of language that exists around the world via the study of French. Students will also then be better equipped with the skills needed for an increasingly international workplace.

Subject on a Page

Click the button below to see our ‘Subject on a Page’ document for Languages at Rolvenden.

This explains our curriculum intent (what we intend to deliver), the implementation (how we intend to deliver it) and the impact (what difference we expect to make).

If you have any questions, please contact our Languages subject leader, Mr Heath.

Knowledge Organisers

Three Knowledge Organisers are produced for Willow and Holly Class each year. They are labelled as Cycle A (A) or Cycle B (B) as we run a two year cycle of themes. Whilst languages are non-statutory at EYFS and KS1, we ensure that children are ready for the challenges of Key Stage Two through building in opportunities to practice the early concepts such as salutations, numbers and colours.

Disciplinary Knowledge Progression

Disciplinary knowledge focuses on the understanding required in order to develop the ability to speak elements of French and understand how their culture is similar and different to that of the United Kingdom. At Rolvenden, we have two key documents which outline this knowledge – they both contain the same information but one is organised by year group, whilst the other is organised by disciplinary thread.